Strip back your cleaning routine

Wasteful plastics, harsh liquid ingredients - a conventional way of cleaning takes time, effort and can leave lasting adverse impacts on your health, your wallet and the planet.

We've become accustomed to thinking that more + more product equals a better clean. Not so. In fact, studies show that using ENJO and water achieves 6x better results when compared to conventional cleaning.

For a simpler, healthier + more sustainable way of cleaning - strip back your cleaning routine. With a range of effective + reusable multi-purpose ENJO Fibres and water, you'll easily be able to remove dirt, dust, grease and grime from every surface throughout your home - for the next three years.





Minimal product

Waste-free + reusable, ENJO eliminates disposable sprays, sponges, cloths + paper towels, reducing your impact on the planet.

Minimal time

Unlike conventional cleaning, there’s no waiting around or rinsing. Meaning, you can achieve clean + chemical-free surfaces with a quick wet, wipe + dry.

Minimal effort

Water + ENJO Fibre technology = a powerful pair. Just add water and allow our fibres to effectively lift + trap dirt.


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Simple, multi-purpose fibres for a quick + easy clean every day.


Kitchen Mini Duo $77
(Value $91)

Use on: Benchtops, sinks, stovetops, appliances, dishes, pots + pans.


Bathroom Mini Duo $77
(Value $91)

Use on: Basin, shower, mirrors, tiles + vanity.


Living Mini Duo $77
(Value $91)

Use on: Clothing, fabric + leather furnishings, carpets, rugs, curtains + blinds.






Sustainability Starter Pack $225

(Valued at $277)

A quick + easy clean for the most lived in areas of the home. Our mini + miracle fibres are the perfect introduction to a healthier, more sustainable way of cleaning.

INCLUDES: Kitchen Mini, Miracle, Bathroom Mini, Miracle, Fabric Mini, Living Miracle, ENJO Hook







The problem with waste

Australians throw away more than 10kg of household waste every week.

It's time to simplify your effect on the planet. What can you do? Consider the things you do daily + change your buying habits. Before making a purchase, ask yourself: Am I buying only what I need? Is there a reusable alternative? Can this packaging be avoided?

Refusing single-use items and finding reusable alternatives for the things you do and use daily can help create sustainable change.

If you're looking for waste-free solutions, take part in Plastic-free July and join 120 million people across the globe in creating sustainable change.





How ENJO works

Effectively lift, trap and remove dirt and bacteria from floor surfaces with patented ENJO fibre technology + water.


100-times finer than a human hair

large surface area / reaching into crevices


for more effective loosening + lifting

Water + fibre

creates capillary action to lift dirt + bacteria from surface

Expertly woven

to trap dirt and bacteria



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