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Allpurpose Cloth
Our ultimate cloth, the Allpurpose, is a fibre cleaning cloth designed to outlast and outperform your outdated, disposable kitchen cloth and sponge. Not only is this two-in-one eco cloth ideal for cleaning light dirt and grime, but it’s also one of our most durable designs. Perfect for cleaning kitchen benchtops, dishes, appliances and living areas this cloth is a household essential.

After cleaning with our Allpurpose cloths, dry off surfaces with our best-selling Kitchen Miracle.

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Love the cloth, I have 6 of them .
Love the size.
Review by Ronnie / (Posted on 24/04/2017)
Mine smells after a day or so and leaves water marks on my marble bench. I find the cloth a little small too and don't like the scratchy side
Review by Sue / (Posted on 21/04/2017)
Great. Just wish it was the same size as the older version.
Great product. Having been using enjo for 19 years and I orginally had the bigger version of the all purpose cloth which was better but the smaller one is still great to use.
Review by Yip / (Posted on 9/04/2017)
Best dishcloth ever!
Cleans everything really well and is great for wiping down the bench and cleaning the microwave. It gets dried/caked-on food off quite easily.
Review by Rita / (Posted on 1/04/2017)
Good cloth, difficult for it to come clean
Great little cloth that cleans everything well from my dishes to the stovetop. Unfortunately I can't get it to come completely clean in the wash (though mostly). I've tried both hot wash/cold rinse and warm wash/warm rinse, neither work. My other options are all cold. What was most disappointing was when I asked my consultant for advice, she simply said usually it comes clean. Particularly unhelpful.
Review by Sony / (Posted on 28/03/2017)
I have purchased three cloths now, love them.
Review by Andy / (Posted on 23/03/2017)
Love the new size and feel of this cloth. I have old white laminate bench tops which often mark with carrot stains or red wine. This cloth removes the stains with one quick wipe. Tougher stains are removed with a swipe of marble paste on the cloth. These are a must for every kitchen.
Review by LR / (Posted on 4/03/2017)
Love love love
Love the nifty size! And that I am not contributing to landfill one more way now! I have five on rotation totally in love. Everyone needs these in their kitchen.
Review by mila / (Posted on 1/03/2017)
Perfect for everything. Need more than 2
Review by catzpaw56 / (Posted on 1/03/2017)
Great cloth
Love the small size of this all-purpose cloth. I also have the kitchen sponge which I use as a set in the kitchen. I have 2 sets so I can wash the older set and use the new set the next week. I would not be without these items in my kitchen.
Review by Janet / (Posted on 21/02/2017)
I bought three new allpurpose cloths to replace my old ones. The new ones are smaller but the size was fine. After two weeks of use and changing and washing the cloths every day they started to smell and one developed a hole. I never had any issues with the old cloths. I sent them back. The cloths were going to be tested to see if they were faulty and I would have taken replacements. However the customer service lady was argumentative and i chose to get a refund
Review by Julie / (Posted on 20/02/2017)
I was disappointed with the new size. Preferred the old size, better value for the money and it did a better job in half the time.
Review by Woo / (Posted on 16/02/2017)
You need a few
I have just tried this for the first time. It was easy to use, especially for wiping the kitchen sink are after washing up. I think I need a few more so I can wash it.
Review by B / (Posted on 15/02/2017)
Love it
Love the new size and better flexibility of texture. Should have bought another one.
Review by K / (Posted on 21/01/2017)
Love it. Much prefer the texture and size of this compared to the older larger one.
Love it. Much prefer the texture and size of this compared to the older larger one. Is a lot better to use in tight places.
Review by Lou / (Posted on 21/01/2017)
Love it. Much prefer the texture and size of this compared to the older larger one.
Love it. Much prefer the texture and size of this compared to the older larger one. Is a lot better to use I. Tight places.
Review by Lou / (Posted on 21/01/2017)
Love it! And would love a larger size, a choice would be great!
Review by CXB / (Posted on 14/01/2017)
A dream for Caesarstone
Great cloth for almost everything you need to clean. A dream for my Caesarstone as a quick clean during the week!
Review by Trudles / (Posted on 12/01/2017)
Was hesitant about the size being made smaller but was pleasantly surprised.
Love using these in the kitchen.
Review by Kym / (Posted on 12/01/2017)
Fantastic all purpose cloth
I love these cloths and I was hesitant also about the new size but it works fine
Review by Wendy / (Posted on 12/01/2017)
Excellent cloths. Need more than 1. Improved on the older ones
Review by Crazy As / (Posted on 9/01/2017)
Great product
Great product. After using the larger ones for about 15yrs I was reluctant to buy a smaller ones. I'm pleasantly surprised by how good these feel.
Review by Robyn / (Posted on 5/01/2017)
Great buy
Great size even though at first when I saw it thought that it wouldn't be as good as the old larger ones.
Review by Kerry / (Posted on 31/12/2016)
newer updated and better!
was a bit hesitant as i have a few of the old style, but after they started to go smelly after having them for a while i bought one of these. i really like it and it works even better than the old style!
Review by scarlette1 / (Posted on 13/12/2016)
I love it - this is the third one I've had. Wore 2 out.
Liked the larger size better.
Review by Jan / (Posted on 7/12/2016)
Buy it again without hesitation.
Should have got it sooner & I should have bought two.
Review by Jondapom / (Posted on 2/12/2016)
Need two!
i can't fault this item but the only problem I have is that I only bought one. One really needs two, one in the wash and one in use.
Review by ailemurr / (Posted on 26/11/2016)
I've always loved the allpupose cloth, it's in constant use but unfortunately I'd rather the larger size. The new one isn't as user friendly. Also once I've washed them they still have a odour about them. How can I avoid this?
Review by Ditty / (Posted on 26/11/2016)
Need another one!
Have always loved this cloth. Was sceptical about the new design at first but love it now. But do prefer the older size.
Review by Trudie / (Posted on 17/11/2016)
Excellent cloth
Excellent cloth that I use all over the kitchen, every single day. Shame the size has shrunk though.
Review by MsBrenda / (Posted on 5/11/2016)
I think this might be my favourite cloth... it's certainly the one I get the most use out of. A very handy addition to the kitchen.
Review by Gabi / (Posted on 31/10/2016)
Excellent product.
Love love love this cloth. So easy to use and feels good in my hand. I use it to wash dishes, wipe my benches and cupboard doors and it even cleans up grease. It's as good as the green kitchen glove only in a smaller and manageable size. Really happy.
Review by Maria / (Posted on 31/10/2016)
Fantastic product
Absolutely fantastic product, i'm going to be buying more of these that's for sure!
Review by Jess / (Posted on 27/10/2016)
Love the all purpose cloth - use it all the time!
Review by Trudles / (Posted on 20/10/2016)
Great cloth.
It's a great cloth. Not as good as my previous enjo cloths which I have retired after 8 years of great service. I hope this one lasts as long and I will be happy.
Review by Theclockmakerswife / (Posted on 17/10/2016)
Different but good
This is totally different to my previous all-purpose cloth, seems good so far. Its smaller not sure whether that is better or not.
Review by KittyP / (Posted on 17/10/2016)
This is a replacement one. Excellent cloth
Review by Julie / (Posted on 12/10/2016)
Can't live without it!
I us this cloth a couple of times everyday and it's so easy and quick. It saves me time a money on other products which aren't reusable and it's just so easy. Can't live without it!
Review by Nicole D / (Posted on 11/10/2016)
All purpose cost saver
its so effecient , why i haven't bought one sooner , cost effective & a better clean than any cloth ive used in the kitchen before
Review by cathie / (Posted on 8/10/2016)
So efficient!
One is not enough.
Need to purchase another one.
Review by Violet / (Posted on 25/09/2016)
This is the best dish cloth ever, I love that you can wash it and keep it nice and fresh.
Love it!
Review by Annie / (Posted on 25/09/2016)
Love it!
Review by Joy / (Posted on 25/09/2016)
Brilliant All Purpose Cloth
I absolutely love my All Purpose Cloth. I think this is my 4th or 5th set of cloths (I usually have 2 on the go). I have recently given one of my daughters one of these and a couple of other items (mop and accessories) and she can't believe how fabulous it all is.
Review by KareBear / (Posted on 12/09/2016)
great product
This is fantastic. I have 2 so one is in the wash and one in the kitchen. Easy to use.
Review by Merielle / (Posted on 28/08/2016)
Absolutely love this product. Have a few so I can swap and wash each day and always have one on the go.
Review by Nic / (Posted on 20/08/2016)
fantastic for the the classroom as well as the kitchen.
It is great! I have one at home and one at school. They are fantastic for getting glue, pencil, crayon and texta off tables as well as keeping the kitchen clean.
Review by LeeAnne / (Posted on 30/07/2016)
Every other cloth I've bought ends up smelling funny after a day or so but not this one! It's perfect. I use it for washing up as well as wiping bench tops and it's perfect. I will never use anything else!
Review by Julie.woolie / (Posted on 16/07/2016)
Better than before
I was disappointed about the size but once I started using it found it is much better than the old ones and I want to replace all of them!
Review by Deb / (Posted on 30/06/2016)
Very handy cloth
I love this cloth. It has replaced my kitchen sponge and it works very well.....easily picks up crumbs! I have two of these and rotate them so one is in use and the other washed. I'm looking forward to years of use.
Review by Vic / (Posted on 26/05/2016)
My Enjo Go To!
A great multipurpose cloth! I have 3 in rotation because I use it so often! Cleaning tables, high chairs, benches anything really! With 3 young children this cloth is getting a huge work out and I love it!
Review by SK61 / (Posted on 3/05/2016)
its awesome
My miracle cloth is amazing this is my 4th cloth i be using this cloth for the last 6 years. i would recommend it highly. i brought 2 when one goes in the wash i have one on spare.
Review by Julie / (Posted on 28/04/2016)
Great all purpose sponge
This all purpose sponge is fantastic
Review by Nat / (Posted on 25/04/2016)
Love it more than my last one
When I first received my new cloth my first thought was it is a shame it is smaller than my last one, however once I started using it I was very happy with the new size. I love it more than my old one.
Review by Debbie / (Posted on 13/04/2016)
Love this cloth
This cloth is amazing and so easy to use for so many surfaces. Makes the kitchen wipe down at night a breeze. I have three, one on the go, one in the wash and a spare!!
Review by Franki / (Posted on 18/03/2016)
Every Enjo product I have ever used is exceptional...
Having just moved into our new retirement home, the reason to update my Enjo was to keep everything sparkling....Thankyou Enjo
Review by Bev / (Posted on 23/02/2016)
This works beautifully
Loving how well this cleans up glassware or our coffee cups without detergent. Not sure how to convince a neurotic clean friend that it is not necessary to use detergents and completely safe and antibacterial. I am convinced!
Review by Rebeccal / (Posted on 13/02/2016)
Great cloth will last forever
I just had new benchtops installed and realised my old Enjo cloths are over 6 years old and needed replacing. No other cloth comes close its really worth the price nvestment they last forever compared to others on the market. My bench tops come up so well after using the Enjo cloths.
Review by Mareeod / (Posted on 13/02/2016)
Amazing, worth every cent
This is a great cloth, can't believe how clean and shiny my benches are. Bought a second to use while one is in the wash.
Review by Rkm / (Posted on 18/12/2015)
Love my new kitchen dishcloth
Never would use anything else now!! I have had it for a few months and haven't use "spray and wipe' since! I use the kitchen miracle to dry off. I cannot believe how SMOOTH my bench feels and clean, and all ive used is water and enjo cloth!!
Review by Rach / (Posted on 6/07/2015)
I Love Love Love this cloth, it's the only cloth that doesn't leave a smudge on my stone bench tops. All your products are fantastic!
Review by Sim / (Posted on 4/06/2015)
Love this product so much the only problem is after 1 day it starts to smell so I clean it still smells :-/ unsure what to do ?
Review by kelly / (Posted on 29/03/2015)
I have used this cloth for the last 3 years, it has lasted beautifully, and has cleaned everything I asked it to so easily. Now i want another one to alternate them, as that is the only cloth in my kitchen
Review by Sandy / (Posted on 6/01/2015)
Wonder cloth
I have been using this product for 15 years and have just worn out another Kitchen cloth. Currently traveling around Australia and took my enjo's with me. Cleans up everything around the van. Wash in between times with velvet or sunlight soap and they come up good as new.
Review by Slaterfamily / (Posted on 6/04/2014)
Oh how I missed you!
It's been over a year since I've left my multipurpose cloth in America. Today I finally got a new one! Ohhhhh my goodness I didn't realize how much I missed it until I just used it! Love love love it! I nearly didn't get one when I placed my order, so glad I did now!
Review by Shanan / (Posted on 7/01/2014)
My favourite Enjo product!
You name it and it will clean it! I have three of these for inside (one I'm using, one dirty and one clean and ready to go).

Great for any surface in the house. In the kitchen they will wipe up oil spatters with ease, wipe down our stainless steel kettle without leaving marks and with a quick wipe of the sink shine it up!

I also have another set I use outside. I mostly use this set to clean the interior of my car. I wipe every surface in the car that is not fabric, starting with windows (I dry glass and other surfaces that mark with the car interior miracle), then door trims, centre console etc, and finish with the real dirty stuff like inside door seals and around fuel cap.

We live on a farm so my vehicle gets pretty dusty and dirty, yet all I need is half a bucket of cold water and this product gets it squeaky clean inside quickly and easily.

By far my favourite Enjo product that I could not live without!
Review by Mel / (Posted on 2/01/2014)
Very useful
It is great not having to buy sponges anymore! So hand and cleans up spills very well I had a thought tho as it's made of bamboo and great for cleaning dishes as well if you could get it as a "dish mop" it would be also ideal for those people who like to use a dish mop or brush when washing up :)
Still great job!!
Review by Sarah / (Posted on 28/10/2013)
perfect for cleaning those hard to reach places
i have several of these cloths which are the wringable type and i use them to soak up spills on carpet (dabbing) they are so absorbent! I also have used them in the past for toy cleaning and the softer the pressure applied the better the clean for those hard to reach bits of grime on baby/kids toys...i was shocked to see how great they clean. Now that my kids are older we use them for general cleaning around the house. great fibre.
Review by Rachel / (Posted on 27/08/2013)
The most useful item one can possibly have in one's home.
The most useful item one can possibly have in one's home. I never use any other cloth or cleaning method in my kitchen. Dry or wet, it is useful, hygienic and quick!
Review by Liezl / (Posted on 30/07/2013)
"Green as Grass"
The ENJO Allpurpose Cloth I use every single day!..... To wash the dishes, wipe kitchen benches during baking/cooking, wiping the shelves and outside of the fridge & microwave. Also great for wiping away any marks on walls, light switches, etc. It is a good idea to have two and alternate them daily, allowing for the cloths to be washed and dried in the sun. I personally call this very useful cloth, my "Green Grass" cleaning friend, because the fibres remind me of lawn grass.
Review by Margaret / (Posted on 26/06/2013)
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Used On Bench/Sink, Dishes, Stove top, Walls
What's it for? Our fibre cloths are perfect for removing light dirt and grime from hard surfaces in the kitchen including bench tops, cupboards, sinks, stove tops, white goods, light switches and walls.
How do I use it? Apply a small amount of water to damp the cloth or use dry. Wipe the desired surface, wash the cloth and then hang to dry.
Features and functions Featuring small fibres which absorb lots of water, the Allpurpose eco cloth removes light dirt and soilage. It should be rinsed thoroughly, rung out and hung over the tap with the fibre side facing downwards after each use. For hygiene purposes and for a safe clean, please replace the cloth regularly. It's recommended to have at least two Allpurpose cleaning cloths and to rotate them daily. Allpurpose cloth dimensions are 21cm x 16cm.
Areas of use Dishes, Bench Top, Sink, Living Area