Allpurpose Cloth

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The only cloth you’ll ever need, ENJO’s Fibre Allpurpose Cloth is designed to outperform and outlast all other kitchen cloths and sponges. Quick and easy to use, a kitchen essential for keeping on top of the cleaning without the chemicals. 

Note: do not use the back (flat side) of the Allpurpose Cloth for cleaning surfaces and appliances.


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Allpurpose Cloth

26 Jan 2020
Much better than a throw away dish cloth. Just wash and re-use.

They last a very long time so at the end of the day you are saving money and the environment.
It has shrunk since I last bough one, but still works just as well.

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18 Dec 2019
Love it

This is my favourite cloth. I love it and use it every day since first buying Enjo about ten years ago. So versatile and fantastic.

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07 Nov 2019
All purpose cloth

The all purpose cloth has been awesome. It’s so easy to wipe up spills. It traps the mess and is easy to clean. I’m so glad I got two of these cause I always have a fresh one handy when one is in the wash.

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Remove light dirt and grime.
Use On...
Benchtops, sinks, stovetops, dishes and walls.
Use It...
Wet or damp with cold water (or with ENJO Marble Paste on tough stains).
How to Use
Simply wet the Allpurpose Cloth, wipe the surface to loosen and lift dirt and bacteria, and dry with a Kitchen Miracle.
Designed for constant kitchen use, these super durable and absorbent Allpurpose fibres loosen and lift dirt from all hard surfaces. For daily use, rotate two Allpurpose Cloths for the perfect ENJO clean every time.

Dimensions: 21cm x 16cm.
Liquid and cream chemical cleaners, disposable cloths, sponges, scourers and paper towel.